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Pat Robertson says Haiti Quake was Due to a Curse; Haitian Pastor call this Myth of Evangalism.

Meanwhile,  700 Club Host Pat Robertson to his viewers that the earthquake  was a result  based on a curse by God on the Haitian People because the Haitian Revolutionaries back in 1791 swore a pact with the devil to free Haiti from French colonialism.  The Haitian won their independence from France in 1804.

However a commenter on Brietbart.tv  named Biggibby links to a series of articles by a Haitian Jean R. Gelin who is Assistant Pastor in the US who in three-part article in Fall of 2005  debunks this myth which was use by Christian missionaries and some Haitian Pastors to bring  people to salvation.

God, Satan and the Birth of Haiti by Jean R Gelin. Part I

God, Satan and the Birth of Haiti by Jean R Gelin. Part II

God, Satan and the Birth of Haiti by Jean R Gelin. Part III

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Hope,Triumph,Despair,andDeath in Haiti

More than 24 hours since the devastating 7.0 earthquake. The world sending food, medicine, and equipment to Haiti.  Local  and national authorities  are racing against the clock in rescuing victims of the temblor. There are fears that deaths would grow into the tens of thousands.

Buildings including hospitals, schools and the main penitentiary destroyed by the quake.  The head of the UN Peacekeeping force is missing after the temblor destroyed the UN Peacekeeping headquarters. The Archbishop of Port-au-Prince was found dead in his office at the main cathedral.

There stories of hope and survival, Wisnel Occilus,  a 24-year-old college student in  in Port-au-Prince who rescued with two other students rush by police to a police station.  The three students were in English class when the earthquake struck. Their professor killed.

“The professor is dead. Some of the students are dead, too,” said Occilus, who suspected he had several broken bones. “Everything hurts.”

In the neighborhood of Petionville, rescue workers using tools and their hands digging out shopping moving bedding  and office supplies. More than dozen vehicles crushed.

Nearby 200 adults and children were found huddle together at a theater parking lot. The adults used large sheets fashioned into tents  to keep them out of the 90 degree heat.

A Port-au-Prince hotel parking lot converted into an interim triage unit people with broken bones, cuts and shatter ribs cried out in pain under sheets .

“I can’t take it anymore. My back hurts too much,” said Alex Georges, 28, who was still waiting for treatment a day after his school collapsed and killed 11 classmates. A body lay a few feet away.

“This is much worse than a hurricane,” said doctors’ assistant Jimitre Coquillon. “There’s no water. There’s nothing. Thirsty people are going to die.”

Reaction by Haitian leaders shock and despair and hope.”It’s incredible,”  Haitian President  Preval told CNN. “A lot of houses destroyed, hospitals, schools, personal homes. A lot of people in the street dead. … I’m still looking to understand the magnitude of the event and how to manage.

Preval said ten of thousands killed. Haitian Sen. Youri Latortue told the AP that up 500,000 killed. However President Preval said”Let’s say that it’s too early to give a number.”

The Red Cross announce it ran out medicine and supplies on Wednesday. Red Cross Eric Porterfield said the organization passed out  of their small supplies.

American Red Cross is sending more medical supplies to the island nation when will the supplies arrive Porterfield doesn’t know.

AP via Yahoo News

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