Cold Snap Kills hundreds across Europe

The current cold snap is deadly one. It’s not over yet. 122 people  died in Poland. 22 in the UK, 9 homeless men in Germany and 22 killed in Switzerland due to avalanches in the Swiss Alps.

A train in the Chunnel carrying 286 passengers from Belgium to England under the English Channel stuck and rescued by an emergency locomotive which suspended service on the line. Flights canceled across the European Continent including  RyanAir and EasyJet and British Airways impacted.

In the UK transportation officials struggle to keep roads and highway open. More 20,000 vehicles stranded on UK Highways and motorways( equal to North American Freeway)says the British Automobile Association.

Temperatures in Britain fell as low as minus 18 centigrade on Saturday. Temperatures across Europe fell to record low highs as well.

The cold will not let up anytime soon.

Irish Times

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