Obama Admits Intellgence Failure in Attempted Bombing

On  Tuesday President Obama admitted human and  systemic failure of  American intelligence  and Security regarding the failed attempted bombing of Delta flight 253 on Christmas Day.  In a statement the President admits that the CIA had  information that should have cause “red flags” and may have prevented attempted terrorist attack.

“There was a mix of human and systemic failures that contributed to this potential catastrophic breach of security,” Obama said.

A senior Obama Administration  official told the AP that CIA is review  conversation between Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab and  a member of Al-Qadea on The Arabian Peninsula. The official did not say how they communicate by  Cell phone,  e-mail or another way

The spokesman for the administration on condition of anonymity said the conversations were in code but the intelligence  industry believes in that Al Qaeda  messages intercepted were talking about Addulmutallab and the Detroit attack.

“Had this critical information been shared, it could have been compiled with other intelligence, and a fuller, clearer picture of the suspect would have emerged,” Obama said in a brief statement to the media. “The warning signs would have triggered red flags, and the suspect would have never been allowed to board that plane for America.

The sources told the AP the reason that the President spoke out again on Tuesday because of new information.

Breitbart has more.


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