Homeland Security Chief Says “System Works” Then Retracts Statement

Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano needs take an indefinite leave  of absence or resign her post after Friday attempted bombing of Delta Flight 253 on Christmas Day.

On Sunday Napolitano claimed that  the system worked.    “Everything went according to clockwork.” said Secretary Napolitano on  FOX News.

The White House and Homeland Security came under fire for  the statement. On Monday,  Secretary Nopalitano says the Terror Protection system “Failed Miserably.”

Brietbart has the video of correction.

“The comment is being taken out of context.” said  Homeland Security Chief Janet Nopalitano on NBC Today Show.

You Tube

H/T: Breitbart

Arizona can  someone tell  me How this woman go elected to Governor of  Arizona and Homeland  Security Chief.  This woman’s incompetence is breathtaking. I thought Janet Reno  was bad  this is so much  worse.


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