Presenting The Underwear Bomb

The Underwear Bomb

ABC News has obtain picture of the underwear bomb of  Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab the 23-year-old Nigerian who wearing explosive device on Northwest/Delta Flight 253  Ansterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day.

The underwear had a packet of PETN explosives sown in the crotch.

The bombers underwear sans bomb.

The second picture shows the underwear with the bomb on the side. The six-inch long package filled the explosive of PETN  weighing 80 grams about a half- cup amount.

A US government test of PETN found that 50 grams would put a hole in fuselage of a jet. The 50 grams  amount of PETN was the amount of Richard Reid aka the shoe bomber over Christmas 2000.

The 80 grams  found on Abdulmutallab was one and a half times  powerful than the shoe bomber.

ABC News


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