Terrorism has TSA Increase Security and Long Lines

Travelers at American Airports dealing with the weather in the Midwest, Northeast and the  south.  You can another problem: increase security.

Since Friday attempted bombing of a Delta flight 253 bound to Detroit from  Amsterdam; TSA  increase  safety measures which  resulted in long lines and passengers patience tested.

Passengers told to arrive at airports four hours earlier before their flight. Bomb-sniffing dogs checking luggage.

On the plane, travelers told not hold coats and blankets on their laps and  they cannot use the bathrooms  in the last hour of the flight.

Passengers were to expect pat-downs and security check at the gate.

Just think they has to deal with blizzard conditions in the Midwest and heavy rains in the Northeast. These  flights delayed by weather and  now we need to worry terrorism again.

Yahoo News has the rest of the story.


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