Terrorist Lived the High Life

Abdul Farouk Abdulmutallab, the man identified as the attempted bomber of Delta Flight 253 comes from a wealthy Nigerian Ex-pats society. Son of banker and former Nigerian Economic Minister Umaru Abdulmutallab. The younger Abdulmatallab lived a life of wealth and privilege in both Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

Adulmatallab alledged bomber attempted to blow up  the trans-atlantic  flight with 80 grams of explosives.

Adulmatallab lived in 2 million pounds sterling flat in Central London. He  attended Univeristy College in London for 3 years.

The suspect charged on Saturday by US District  Court Judge Paul Borman at a meeting room at a Detroit hospital  with attempting to blow up an airliner. Abdulmatallab treated third degree burns.

Dr. Muatallab was planning to contacting authorities in Nigeria of his activities after discovering his son ties to Al Qeda terrorist  organization. He claimed to have contacted US authorities.

Scottland Yard is  Cooperating with US law enforcement agencies to develop a profile of the suspect.  Metropolitian Police is  investigating the apartment in Marleybone section of London and cordon off nearby streets.

The Independent has the rest of the story.


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