2/3 of USA Experience a White Chirstmas

From the  Pacific Northwest, crossing the Rocky Mountains to  Great Plains and Great Lakes to the Northeast and New England covered in snow, slush and ice. A powerful storm that brought rain and snow to Seattle  and Portland earlier this week brought snow to Denver, record braking snow to Oklahoma City and give Dallas/ Ft. worth Metroplex its first White Christmas in 80 years.

In the Great Plains, the blizzard conditions with little visibility Cars, Truck and SUV were caught off and stranded on major interstate highways. While those who were flying to visit family and friends are stuck at airports across the Midwest.

The National Weather Service says blizzards would hit parts of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin until Saturday.

Oklahoma City was hit with a record 14  inches  of snow on Thursday.

Meanwhile freezing rain and ice storm condition affect the  east coast. The snow part of the  storm hits the great lake states on Christmas Day and reach the east coast and New England by Saturday.

Houston Chronicle has the rest of the story.

HA! So much for Climate Change


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