Obama Approval Numbers continue Freefall

Rasmussen Reports latest poll finds President Obama numbers in free fall.  The numbers  are abysmal 25% strongly approval of his job;  while  46% strongly disapproval of his performance as president. Obama has negative approval rating of -21%.

Overall 44% approve the way  Obama  handling the presidency, while 56% disapprove of the job of  he is  doing as president.

Broken Down by demographics:


Males: 53% strongly disapprove

Females: 39% Strongly disapprove


Blacks: 58% strongly approve

Whites: 53% strongly disapprove

Political Party:

Republicans: 74% strongly disapprove

Democrats:   47% strongly approve

Unaffiliated (Independents): 52% strongly disapprove

Rasmussen Reports has  more


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