Senate Health Care Reform Bill Does Not Ban Data Mining

An amendment that would ban drug  manufacturers from obtaining doctor prescriptions records was not included in the current senate health care reform bill.

The amendment sponsor Sen. Herb Kohl(D-WI) said the amendment would not come up during the vote or place in a conference package later by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

“We don’t think it’s likely that the … amendment will come to a vote or be included in the manager’s amendment,” the staff member told Reuters on the condition of not being named since debate on the bill is not finished.

The  data mining would have prevented pharmaceutical industry access to    doctor  records for marketing records.

Drug Manufacturers IMS Health (RX.N) and McKesson Corp’s (MCK.N) Verispan that collect and sell such data for a variety of uses.

IMS says the  data  collection used  provide doctors with cost savings and measure  prescriptions  for safety concern.

“Provider level information is a critical resource,” a spokesman for IMS said.

Reuters has more


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