Times Square Shootout Scare Tourists Leave Gunman

New York City Police kills an aggressive scam artist with a modified M.A.C. 10 pistol in taxi/livery cab loading zone  of Marriott Marquis Hotel in Times Square in Manhattan. The shooting took place on  Thursday morning.

The shooting leaves the scam artist’s brother distraught after trying to intervene between suspect and NYPD. Tourists in immediate area frightened. Some tourists thought this was a movie shoot.

“That is horrible. I’m shocked by it, actually. You couldn’t have surprised me more by telling me that,” tourist Carla Nagle of Austin, Texas, told CBS 2 HD.

The suspect was hawking CD to  sell when NYPD asked for a permit. The suspect ran away and then pulled out MAC 10 semi-automatic pistol as he   was heading toward the Marriott Marquis Hotel.

“All of a sudden as my husband was opening up the trunk we heard bang, bang, bang,” tourist Emma Kinahan of Boston said. “I turned around and saw this gentleman who was not in a uniform shooting another man.”

Police Investigators chased the suspect later identified as Raymond Martinez   fired first at police as he was heading towards the hotel’s taxi/livery cab loading area.

“The policeman was holding his gun out and he was sort of moving about and he fired again and the man dropped about 20 feet away from him,” said tourist John Grisewood.

WCBS-TV/DT “CBS 2 News” has the rest of the story.


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