President Obama Meet With Senators to Push Health Care Reform

On Sunday, President Obama meeting Democrat Senators  to  press for the approval of the Senate Health Care bill to Senate Floor. Democrats meeting this weekend to hammer out differences between senate bills. Opposition to the bill among the  Democrats leave Senate Majority Harry Reid  potentially four points short.

Senator John Kerry says the President visit will give the push needed to pass the bill.

“We have to talk about how to put the final pieces together,” Kerry said. “It’s good to hear from the president now, because it’s getting to that stage where you have to come to a decision with your heart as well as your head.”

For their part Republicans united in their opposition to the bill as written, forced the Democrats to stand by their decision cutting more than $40 billion in home health-care services funding under Medicare. The GOP used this as way to inform seniors of the bills affects them.

In addition, Republicans have accused the Democrats of excluding GOP Senators for the meeting with Obama.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is pushing the debate well into 2010 which will aid the Republicans  in their quest to gain seats in congress.

Some Senate Democrats including Senator Blanche Lincoln,(D-AR), Ben Nelson of Nebraska, Mary Landrieu of  Louisana and Senator Joe Leiberman(I-CT)  opposed a public-option plan .

Bloomberg News.


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