First Houston Now Sacramento to See Snow

Last week Houston received four inches of snow and now a another city that does not usually  see snowfall may see a light dusting. Sacramento,CA.  Yes, the California State Capitol City is expecting less than an inch of snow from a powerful winter storm slamming Oregon and California.

The National Weather Service forecasts 2-4 inches of snow for the foothills east of Sacramento.  The snow is expected to fall at 1,000 ft level around El Dorado Hills and Auburn in the Eastern Suburbs of the city.

Cindy Matthews of National Weather Service says the snow starts before the dawn and  morning commute and continue off and on throughout  the day.

The cold Arctic storm will frigid temps to the area. The expected Morning for December 7th  is 28 degrees for part of the Sacramento Valley.

The record low for this date was 27 on December 7th.

Last snowfall was Jan. 28, 2002 was a trace. The last measured amount was  2 inches in February 1976.

Sacramento Bee


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