British War Heros Ignore Prime Minister Gordon Brown

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown receive a rude awaking when he met wounded warriors at the prestigious UK  Hospital Selly Oak; he was ignored.

In September,Many of soldiers recovering at Selly Oak Hospital’s Royal Centre for Defence Medicine angered by the lack of support from the Brown Government decided not to meet with PM Brown.   The soldiers feel that this was a photo-op. The soldiers who chose not to meet him drew bed curtains closed.

There have issues of equipment shortages in Afghanistan and reducing compensation pay angered the warriors served  the United Kingdom Government faithfully only to be shortchanged by Whitehall led to the snubbing Prime Minister Brown.

One soldier said: “It is almost as if we are the product of an unwanted affair … he has done nothing for us.”

Sapper Matthew Weston, 20 one the most seriously injured soldier at Selly Oak want nothing to do with the prime minister. Weston was injured by a bomb on dirt road outside Sangin,Afghanistan. He lost both legs and his right arm.

Weston said, “I didn’t want to speak to him, I didn’t want to waste my time talking to someone who was just trying to make themselves look good. I spent the day with my family instead.

“Half the lads didn’t want to speak to him and those that did pretty much blamed him for everything. Many of the lads just closed their curtains and hid themselves away.

“I met Prince Charles and Sir Richard Dannatt [when they visited Selly Oak]. I have respect for them. Prince Charles spoke to me for two hours. I really didn’t want to speak to Gordon Brown.”

Times of  London has the  rest of the story.


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