Penn State to Investigate “Climategate” Proffessor

Penn State University has announce the will investigate Professor Michael Mann who along with Prof. Dr.Phil Jones of University of East Anglia’ Climate Research Unit in the UK  which is the center of the “climategate” scandal.

Leaked E-mails that placed on Russian website which showed the climate researchers including Jones of East Anglia and Penn State’s Mann discussed manipulating data involving in calculations to support their claims of world-wide temperatures on the rise.

Critics of Global Warming /Climate Change have alleged that Jones contacted other researchers asked them to “delete certain e-mails”

On Tuesday Prof. Jones has announced to step aside as director of CRU while the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England will investigate the break in the Climate Research Unit and the hacked and  leaked e-mails.

Penn State will not comment on the investigations. If further investigative actions needed the University will follow-up a spokesperson told Daily Collegian. A panel set up to read each and  every leaked e-mail see if the critics of Climate Change accusations are valid.

“I would be disappointed if the university wasn’t doing all [it] can to get as much information as possible” about the controversy, Mann tells the Daily Collegian.

US News and World Report

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