Obama Announces Troop Increase and a”End” Date

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama announce that the US will send 30, 000 to Afghanistan over the next six months. The president also set a time-table to  leave Afghanistan in July 2011.

The amount of  30,000 troop members which was considerably less than Gen. Stanley McChrystal requested. The President hopes that’s NATO states would help contribute to the cause. A member of the Obama Administration says Andes Fogh Rasmussen will announce on Friday that NATO will increase troop levels.

The increase in troop levels to counter the Taliban expansion throughout Afghanistan and aid Afghan army and police to control nation. This will lead t0 the eventual take over by Afghan forces.

Robert Gibbs, Obama  press secretary says the White House talked about an “accelerated time-table.” During a series of Television interviews Gibbs spoke about quickly we get in  the quickly move out “We can’t be there forever,” he said.

Gibbs said there will be no  additional troop increases beyond what the president announced. Gibbs was on ABC’s ” Good Morning America” He was asked that If the President will send more troops if requested. Gibbs responded no,  “We can’t be there forever,” he said.

The initial plan is to send two brigades from the US Army and the US Marine Corp and reserves to Afghanistan which will be 30,000 over the next six months.

The Guardian has the rest of the story.


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