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Tiger Woods Injured in Central Florida Car Crash

Golf great Tiger Wood involved Auto  accident at his Central  Florida home;  Wood suffers lacerations to his face.

Orange County Emergency Medical Service receive an all from Woods wife, Elin about 2:25 A.M.  that he was hurt in a car  crash at his  home;

Woods  was treated at Health Central Hospital treading cuts on his face;  “He was admitted, treated and released in good condition,” said Susan Jackson, of Health Central.

On Tiger Woods web site the posted the message called car crash a minor accident.

Winderere ,FLA Police Chief Daniel Saylor told the AP that Nordegren, Woods wife told officers that she was in the house when she heard the crash and we out to see what had happened.

Emergency  people saw that Wood was in and out consciousness when officers arrived:

“He had lacerations to his upper and lower lip, and blood in his mouth,” said Saylor. “My officer asked her how she got him out of the vehicle and she said she had to break one of the windows out with a golf club.”

Woods was behind the wheel of his 2009 Cadillac Escalade and hit a fire hydrant in front of his home. Woods then proceed to hit a tree in his neighbors yard, Florida Highway Patrol said.  The highway patrol said the vehicle’s air bags did not deploy indicating the car was below 30 mph.

Law enforcement officials say the investigation is ongoing. Although alcohol is not involved charges are pending.

WESH 2 News has the rest of the story.