Rasmussen Poll find President Obama Approval at 45%

It feels a one those Price is Right Games you know the opening bid on Contestant’s bidding  higher or lower. But In this case it’s all lower. And the winner on contestants row is the one of lowest price not going below the real retail price.

Rasmussen Reports says  only 45  percent approved of the way the he is handling the presidency. 54% disapprove of  his job performance. This comes on the heel of polls by Quinnipac University  and Gallup both have Obama at 48%.

The  economy, stimulus, bailouts, and the rising unemployment numbers have soured the voter on the president.

Only 27% strongly approve of job that The President is doing. 42% strongly disapprove of the job Obama is doing. Obama is a negative approval rating of 15% (That is -15%).

The some worst news all of this is the President is losing support of  Democrats . Only 52% Democrats  strongly support Obama. While he still has strong  support among Democrats  he has little wiggle room.

Among Republicans Obama disapproved by 68% of those survey. Among the independents only 16% support the job the president is doing. 51% of independents strongly disapprove.

Rasmussen Reports


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