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Health Care Reform Numbers Continue to Slide

The latest number from Rasmussen Reports finds support for Health Care Reform continues to decline. Just 38% support the health care reform. That is lowest numbered recorded by Rasmussen since June 2009. The Latest poll finds 56 % survey by phone opposed to the bill.

Half  of the survey taken on  Saturday before the US Senate vote the other poll taken on Sunday.

Before this support had never fallen below 41%. Last week the bill was at 47% support, two-week ago it was 45%.

Those who opposed the legislation strongly opposed by 43% people survey. Those who strongly support is 21%.

Among Senior 34% approve while 60% disapprove.

16% believe the bill will save money. While 60% believe health care cost will  climb.

Rasmussen Reports

4 Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan on Monday

Bombs and firefight kills four soldier in Afghanistan on Sunday and Monday. Two killed by bombs in southern Afghanistan. Third solider died in a firefight also southern Afghanistan. A fourth solider killed by roadside bomb in eastern Afghanistan.

This taken place during a 24 hour period. This bring the number American killed to 15  in November. Last  month  58 killed the  highest war dead in the history of  eight-Year war.

AP via Google News

San Diego’s ACORN Dumps Thousand Of Documents

San Diego County’s ACORN office in National City caught  dumping thousands of highly sensitive documents in a dumpster behind  their office  back in October. This local ACORN office which featured  in an undercover video by two college students James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles. The Videos are featured on Fox News Channel programs including “Glenn Beck”, “Hannity”,and  “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren” as well Talk Radio programs in Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham,  and Rodger Hedgecock.

A local private Detective Derrick Roach discovered the documents in the dumpster on October 9th,2009. Many of the documents show the names  of current and former ACORN employee ( Roach and Big Government blog has redacted the names, addresses; phone and social security numbers; to protect employees.)


The document dump came days before an investigators from California Attorney General (and Gubernatorial Candidate) Jerry Brown office arrived.

Rose gathered up the documents and has taken to Andrew Brietbart Big Government website and has uploaded. The docs shows  inner workings of ACORN.

Brietbart is challenging both California Attorney General Brown and US Attorney General Eric Holder to investigating ACORN. Or they continue  investigate the organization and put documents on Big Government.

Big Government