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A Bad Week:Left and Right Calls on Tresuary Secretary Geithner to Resigns; He Refuses

Politicians both Democrats and Republicans the House Financial Services Committee don’t agree on much except the removal of Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Timothy Geithner.  Geitner and Congressman Brady(R-TX) had a shouting match.

On Thursday, The House Financial Services Committee voted 43-26 on a bill sponsored by Rep. Ron Paul(R-Tx) that would give the Government Accounting Office expand is  investigative  power over The Federal Reserve in reviewing interest rates  and lending to each bank. The Fed opposed the bill saying the bill threats the bank ability to set monetary policy.

On the other side of the Capitol, The Senate Banking Committee is discussing eliminating the power to oversee banks in US.

Wall Street Journal has the rest of the story.

Israeli Missile fired upon Lebanon

An Israeli Drone Missile chased out of Lebanon by anti-aircraft  fire on Saturday the Lebanese  military announced.

A surveillance drone of the Israeli enemy” overflew “the area of Bint Jbeil at medium altitude” in the morning, the statement said.

“Army anti-aircraft batteries opened fire on the drone, forcing it to gain altitude before leaving Lebanese airspace.”


Gaza Rocket lands in Israel

A  Palestinian Rocket landed in Israel on Saturday causing little damage says Israeli Military.  The rocket from Gaza blew up near the town of Sderot, Army officials said.


Senator Harry Reid’s Little Victory 60 to 39

Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid got his wish on Saturday night on 60 to 39 on a party line vote to  bring his Health Care Reform  bill  out of committee. This vote  bring the bill for debate. The  debate on starts on November 30th.

The Reid blame the Republicans for standing in way.”Imagine if, instead of debating whether to abolish slavery, instead of debating whether giving women and minorities the right to vote, those who disagreed had muted discussion and killed any vote,” he said.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said it would raise taxes, Cut medicare cuts and create a “massive and unsustainable debt.”

AP via Yahoo News has more