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Federal Investiagators say Hasan’s E-Mail to Radical Ask When Jihad is Appropriate

Major Nidal Hasan communicated 18 times a source told ABC News. The unnamed source with top-level clearance says Anwar al-Awlaki told Muslims to kill US troops in Iraq in communiques from December of 2008 to June 1009.

Another e-mail the source when jihad was proper, is it acceptable if innocent  people die in a suicide attack.

In a letter to al-Awlaki “…he couldn’t wait to join him in the discussions they would having over non-alcoholic wine in the afterlife,” ABC quoted the official as saying.

Investigators learn that Hasan has also given $30,00 to Islamic “charities”. American government officials found  some of these charities were fronts to terrorist organizations.

An Military analyst told  ABC News: “It sounds like code words … That he’s actually either offering himself up or that he’s already crossed that line in his own mind.”

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Fort Hood Terrorist: Hasan Worried About HIV

ABC News Chief Investigative Reporter Brian Ross at his  blog The Blotter says Fort Hood terrorist Major Nidal Hasan  worries about  HIV blood test taken a week  prior to the  Shooting.

Federal Investigators discovered the information medical staffer at Fort Hood. There is not sign that Hasan is HIV positive. However, investigators have two bottles of medicine that are use to treat HIV patients was found in Hasan’s former  apartment.

Combivir, but doctors use combivir in case of accidental needle stick. The other medicine clarithromycin,is use to treat specific infections in HIV patients. Additionally,  Clarithromycin is also used to treat respiratory infections.

Hasan was regular patron at a Killeen,Tx strip club. Hasan had his own strict interpretation of Islam. This includes driving  with auto insurance and not having life insurance.

ABC News

Reed set up a Saturday Night Vote on Health Care

Senator  Majority Leader Harry Reid,  has  called for vote on the latest Health Bill. The debate starts on Friday and concludes with the vote on   Saturday night at 8P.M. There   no word if Reid has the votes to pass bill.

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Bailing Out Post Office

Just as American have grown weary of the bailouts of banks, car companies, insurer AIG,  get ready to Bailout the Post  Office. Representative Danny Davis(D-IL) is considering give more funds to keep the post office afloat. Davis told CBS News.com the quasi-governmental agency is between “is between a rock and a hard place.”

It’s just not generating the money that you need in order to keep operating,” he said.

Davis says looking into  options for post office; one option would drop Saturday service.   But he favors rolling basis to provide service  to Saturday mail service to communities once or twice  a month.

“We’ve bailed out a lot of things, and I think the Postal Service is probably as important in one sense as some of the other places where we have put public money,” he said.

Added Davis: “I’m not afraid of spending public money to keep money flowing.”

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