AP Poll Finds Americans Concerns on Health Care

A new poll the Associated Press has found that Americans are very concerned by the unforeseen cost of health care reform legislation.  This comes at a time that President Obama attempts seal the deal and nervous  Democratic senators worry about getting the votes.

While the American people want a change; they are leery about  the Democratic legislation.

43% of   those surveyed opposed to the legislation, but 41% support the measures  in Congress. 15% undecided.

“Well, for one, I know nobody wants to pay taxes for anybody else to go to the doctor—I don’t,” said Kate Kuhn, 20, of Acworth, Ga. “I don’t want to pay for somebody to use my money that I could be using for myself.”

The poll says the numbers basically the same as last month, the AP poll found it was 40%-40% dead even. The results found Opponents have a visceral reaction. While supporter are not adamant in their support. Also  the poll found seniors skeptical than young people.

The latest survey conducted by Stanford University with the nonprofit Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Another finding people in the survey by 82% want to dropped the ban on pre-existing claims. However, if dropping the pre-existing ban means that your health insurance premiums go up it drops to 43% in favor, 31%against.

Because people in poor health would be insured others who are in good health their rates will go up.

“I’m thinking we’d probably pay more because we would probably be paying for those that are not paying. So they got to get the money from somewhere. Basically I see our taxes going up,” said Antoinette Gates, 57, of Atlanta.

Health care reform is a series of trade-off the young will pay more for the care of the  elderly.

“These trade-offs really matter,” says Robert Blendon, a professor at the Harvard School of Public Health who follows opinion trends. “The legislation contains a number of features that polls have shown to be popular, but support for the overall legislation is less than might be expected because people are worried there are details about these bills that could raise their families’ costs.”

AP via Breitbart.com


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