Parents in Balloon Boy Saga Pleads Guilty

The parents of  “Balloon Boy” admits guilt on Friday  in phony call to 9-1-1   reporting their  6-year-old son was in runaway balloon to create publicity for a potential reality television show.

Richard and Mayumi  Heene were in at Larimer County Courthouse in Ft. Collins. Heene pleaded guilty to a felony count of falsely influencing the sheriff on the 50 mile manhunt for their son Falcon in the skies over Northern Colorado.

Mayumi Heene plead  guilty to a  misdemeanor charge of knowingly filing a false report with emergency services . Mrs Heene has cooperated with law enforcement which led to lesser charges.

Richard Heene could serve 90 days in Jail, probation and fines. Mayumi could receive 60 days in jail possibly in a work release program and  probation.

If the Heenes’ did not take the plea bargain Richard would have faced two to six years in prison  and fines of a half  million dollars. Mayumi  would face up to six month in jail and $750 in fines.

AP via Yahoo News


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