Cuba Has a Massive Energy Crisis

The Raul Castro government has order all government business to cut energy use by  extreme measures. These cuts are imposed until  the end of  the year. To prevent massive power failures that plague the Cuba after the fall the Soviet  Union.

Reuters news service has learned from document government officials has warned the people that the island nation faces a  “critical” energy shortage. This will require non-essential business and workshops to close. The government ordered shut down non-essential air conditioner and refrigerators.

The Cuban government has cut spending, reduced imports after being slammed by  world-wide economic crisis. The country was also hammered by three hurricanes in 2008.

“The energy situation we face is critical and if we do not adopt extreme measures we will have to revert to planned blackouts affecting the population,” said a recently circulated message from the Council of Ministers.

“Company directors will analyze the activities that will be stopped and others reduced, leaving only those that guarantee exports, substitution of imports and basic services for the population,” according to another distributed by the light industry sector.

President Castro is trying to avoid the energy crisis the  Cuba  experienced in the early 1990’s When the Soviet Union collapse and it lost  oil industry which cause frequent blackouts for Cuban people.

All government agencies to cut by12% or face government imposed electrical cuts.

We could only wonder what’s going on with Cuban people in all of this. Only God Knows.



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