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Cuba Has a Massive Energy Crisis

The Raul Castro government has order all government business to cut energy use by  extreme measures. These cuts are imposed until  the end of  the year. To prevent massive power failures that plague the Cuba after the fall the Soviet  Union.

Reuters news service has learned from document government officials has warned the people that the island nation faces a  “critical” energy shortage. This will require non-essential business and workshops to close. The government ordered shut down non-essential air conditioner and refrigerators.

The Cuban government has cut spending, reduced imports after being slammed by  world-wide economic crisis. The country was also hammered by three hurricanes in 2008.

“The energy situation we face is critical and if we do not adopt extreme measures we will have to revert to planned blackouts affecting the population,” said a recently circulated message from the Council of Ministers.

“Company directors will analyze the activities that will be stopped and others reduced, leaving only those that guarantee exports, substitution of imports and basic services for the population,” according to another distributed by the light industry sector.

President Castro is trying to avoid the energy crisis the  Cuba  experienced in the early 1990’s When the Soviet Union collapse and it lost  oil industry which cause frequent blackouts for Cuban people.

All government agencies to cut by12% or face government imposed electrical cuts.

We could only wonder what’s going on with Cuban people in all of this. Only God Knows.


Mortgage Loans Application set A Nine Year Low

Mortgage loan application has fallen to a Nine year low last week. The reason being the consumer were waiting for the outcome to renewing the housing tax credit.

The Mortgage Bankers Association said applications dropped 12% as of November 6th to 220.9 applications. The lowest level since 2000.

The associations refinancing gauge is up 11% as interest rates fall.

The drop in applications show that government tax credit program which help stabilized the housing market. Without the program housing  would weaken.

“Uncertainty over the housing tax credit sent some tremors through the market in recent weeks,” Michael Larson, a housing analyst at Weiss Research in Jupiter, Florida, said before the report. “But now that Congress has extended and expanded the credit, we should see demand pick back up.”

Interest rates fell to 4.9%  down from 4.97% for 3o fixed rate loans.

Bloomberg News

Revised: H1N1 Killed 3,900 Says CDCP

Today, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention say 3,900 people were killed by the H1N1 virus. The people will died between April and October. Over 500 children died from the H1N1 Swine flu virus.

Newly released data showed 22 million people have been infected by Swine Flu and 98,000 were hospitalized.

8 million kids were infected and 36,000 were hospitalized with H1N1 flu.

“We think the 540 number is a better estimate for the big picture that we are getting out there,” the CDC’s Dr. Anne Schuchat told reporters.

The CDCP says 2009  was the worst flu outbreak since 1997.

“What we are seeing in 2009 is unprecedented,” Schuchat said,”

Schuchat said that the  virus is not getting worse. It takes time to gather and process information. Thursday numbers were not actual by an extrapolation of data from 10 states.

In normal years 36,000 people die due to flu and 200,000  hospitalized. 90% are those who died from the flu and hospitalized are age 65 and older.

With H1N1 90% of those infected are children and young adults.


President Obama a Review of All Intellegence InvolvingHasan

On Thursday, President Barack Obama  has order all intelligence information regarding Major Nidal Hasan and whether government agencies got appropriate.

The review will be handled by John Brennan the president special assistant in Homeland Security and counter-terrorism. Preliminary report are due by November  30th.


Fort Hood Terrorist Charged With Premeditated Murder

Today one  week after the first terrorist attack in US since 9/11/01. The US Army charged Major Nidal Malik Hasan was Charged with second degree premeditated murder. Hasan had 13 charges against him of those whom he killed.

If Hasan is convicted he could be sentenced to death. Officials say the has not been made charging  him with death of the unborn child of a pregnant victim.

The Spokesperson did give their name because he was not authorized to do so.

Major Hasan’s civilian attorney John Galligan was told of the charges were being read him without his attorney present. Hasan’s military lawyers told Galligan.

“I don’t like it. I feel like I’m being left out of the loop,” Galligan said. “I guess it’s 13 charges, but I don’t like to have to guess in this situation.”