Polls Deals Problems to Obama and Democrats

Two separate polls are give bad news President Obama and Democrats. Today the latest Rasmussen Reports found 46% somewhat support President Obama  performance versus 53% does not somewhat support the way he handling his job.  A negative 13 percent of support form him.   The poll gave the Republican a six point lead in the generic Congressional ballot.

60 percent of those surveyed want the Fort Hood Massacre investigated as a Terrorist act. Only  21% believe that it should be investigated as a criminal act.

Meanwhile, a Gallup poll found that the if the election was held today Republicans lead the Democrats48-44% a difference of 4%. Back in July Democrats were 6 percentage point behind.  In October they was only 2 points behind. This was 2010 Gallup Generic Congressional Ballot.

What’s worse among Independents they preferred the Republican to the Democrats a whopping 52% to 30% . That’s worrisome.

The Good news for the White House and DNC the election is a year away. The bad news if they don’t produce jobs and keep spending like there no tomorrow; they could be wiped out like 1994 when the Republican were swept in.

Rasmussen Reports

Gallup Organization


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