Eyes on Hurricane Ida for The Gulf Coast.

Hurricane Ida has left death and destruction in its wake. It is on a collision course with US Gulf Coast. Ida has killed 91 people in El Salvador. Sixty people were missing. The cause of the missing was mudslides and floods.

US oil refiners has evacuated oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday. Louisiana Offshore Oil plant. The facility that can handle larger supertankers have stop unloading ships  due to the storm.

A quarter of the US oil refining 15 percent of natural gas are produced in the  Gulf of Mexico. The  region produces 40% of the nations refining capacity.

The National Hurricane Center in Florida has issues a Hurricane watch from Grand Isle, LA to Mexico Beach,Fl.  New Orleans was not including.

Governor Bobby Jindal,  of Louisiana has proclaimed a state of Emergency on Sunday. This allows the government mobilized first responders.

The government in Mexico has called for mandatory evacuations for islands in the Caribbean Sea. However, the government will  not evacuate Cancun resorts.



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