Ft. Hood Killer Slip Through the Cracks

When Major Nidal Hasan went his killing spree at Ft. Hood on Thursday. No one knew of his anger towards the US.

Hasan problems began after September 11th Terrorist attacks. Hasan’ cousin told Fox News anchor Shepard Smith that he was harassed by fellow soldiers. He believed that US should not be in Middle East. He was hoping that President Obama would get the US out of Afghanistan.

According to Gawker Hasan was on Obama campaign  Homeland Security Policy Institute’s presidential transition task force last year. The group was to draft American policy recommendations for the in-coming Obama Administration.

According to AP a former classmate of Hasan gave a startling presentation at the war on terror was  a war on Islam. Hasan “made himself a lightning rod for things” when his faith was challenged.

According to Wall  Street Journal soldiers who witnessed Hasan “shouted Allahlu Akbar” the Arabic Phrase for God is Great before opening fire. Meanwhile the Army is investigating  Hasan writing on his blog if it gives clues into his mindset and his defense of suicide bombing.

The Army warns not to draw conclusions  on why Major Hasan would attack his fellow soldiers. There questions if his religion play any role in attack.

The Army psychiatrist was also  angry  about his deployment to Afghanistan. Hasan was previously stationed at Walter Reed Army Hospital. At Walter Reed. He was not a sympathetic voice or a sounding board when listening and talking to soldiers coming back from Iraq or Afghanistan. Or those who are shipping out.

However, those who know Hasan wasn’t aware of his hostilities towards the war and US role in it. They said couldn’t tell by his actions.

“It’s a shock,” said Col. Kimberly Kesling, who supervised Maj. Hasan at Ft. Hood.

Neighbors found Hasan friendly and personable.  His neighbor Patricia Villa didn’t notice anything wrong as he was preparing to leave for Afghnistan.  Nadal ask Villa to tidy up his apartment for $60. Villa asked about him about the deployment.

“I asked him, ‘Are you afraid of going over there?'” Ms. Villa recalls. “He said, ‘I’m ready for it.”

His    apartment complex owner Jose Padilla found him friendly. Hasan asked Padilla of his native language he said Spanish. He gave Padilla a Quran in Spanish. Two week ago Padilla give key to his owner and refused his $400 deposit.

“I cannot comprehend that the enemy was among us,” Padilla said, as he teared up. “I feel a little guilt that I was basically giving housing to someone who is going to do so much destruction.”

His relatives in the Washington D.C. area and the middle east was shock and troubled as well.

“Our family is filled with grief for the victims and their families involved in yesterday’s tragedy,” said Nader Hasan, a cousin who lives in northern Virginia. “We are mortified with what has unfolded and there is no justification, whatsoever, for what happened. We are all asking why this happened, and the answer is that we simply do not know.”

However, a cousin who lives in West Bank  said Hasan was treated poorly. “He told (them) that as a Muslim committed to his prayers he was discriminated against and not treated as is fitting for an officer and American,” said Mohammed Malik Hasan, 24, a cousin. “He hired a lawyer to get him a discharge.”

Mohammed Hasan said outside his home in Ramallah that he heard about the shooting from a relative. “I was surprised, honestly, because the guy and his brothers are so calm, and he, as I know, loves his work.”

Hasan filed a report with the Killeen Police Department  about vandalism to his car. An Army employee scratched his car causing about a $1000 in damages.  John Thompson manger of his building  said the soldier has just came back from Iraq and objected to Hasan’ religion. He took off sticker that read Allah is Love.

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Via Gateway Pundit


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