California’s Immigration Medical Scandal

A scandal has rocked the medical industry here in Los Angeles as a doctor has allegedly faked medical  exams for immigrants seeking entry to the  US.

Levon Tebelekian, 72, has been accused of falsifying medical records of immigrants seeking US Visas.  Tebelekian  put on phony medical exam results lab tests according the Los Angeles Times.

For instance, Tebelekian allegedly to an ICE officer is a he wasn’t going to disturbed “disturb his blood” he “did not look like he had AIDS,” according to an affidavit.

Immigrations authorities  are not sure of how many other victims  of Tebelekian are out there. Also they are not sure of the number of immigrants who was given visual AIDS exam.

“Aspiring immigrants are required to undergo a medical exam as part of the application process to ensure they don’t have any medical conditions or diseases that might pose a public health threat,” Miguel Unzueta, of ICE in Los Angeles, told the Associated Press.

“By allegedly giving some of his patients a clean bill of health without even examining them, this physician potentially put our communities at risk,” Unzueta said.

If Tebelekian is found guilty he could serve 80 years in prison.

KNBC-TV/HD “Channel 4 News”


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