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In Iowa Some Obama Supporter Have Buyers Remorse

For some in Iowa,  Buyer’s remorse is setting in. Meet Pauline McAreavy  76, a retired school nurse in Williamsburg. McAreavy voted for President Obama last year, wanting change from the Bush Administration.  She change her party affiliation to Democrat to vote former Illinois Senator, welcomed young Obama volunteers in her home.

But all that has changed. McAreavy is downcast  about Obama hasn’t been forceful enough. In a recent letter campaign letter she wrote back that she wanted to see results. “Until I see some progress and he lives up to his promises in Iowa, we will not give one penny.”

“I’m afraid I wasn’t realistic,” Ms. McAreavy, 76, a retired school nurse, said on a recent morning on the deck of her home here in east-central Iowa.

“I really thought there would be immediate change,” she said. “Sometimes the Republicans are just as bad as Democrats. But it’s politics as usual, and that’s what I voted against.”

If that’s not enough McAreavy  is worried about Afghanistan and Health Care Reform. She fears that her grandson who is the Iowa National Guard would head to Afghanistan. In regard to health care She is afraid that her Medicaid will be reduced which she may have fewer mammograms. McAreavy sees Obama programs from Democrats purview.

“All my Republican friends — and independents — are sitting back saying, ‘Oh, what did we do?” Ms. McAreavy said. “I’m not to that point yet, but a lot of people are.”

Meet another Obama supporter in Iowa who wonders about his vote.  John Sager a retired electrical engineer in Marshalltown,  felt that Senator Obama was worthy of his vote that he lend his name of to the campaign of Republicans who supported Obama.

“He gave a fairly decent presentation, but that’s what it turned out to be — a presentation,” said Mr. Sager, 77. “I don’t think he should keep hiding behind the fact that he inherited all these problems.”

While some voters have buyers  remorse others are supportive of the president.

Paul Johnson is Student legal services attorney at Iowa State University in Iowa City. He and his wife Kathy are loyal Democrats and very supportive of the president.  As a candidate and nominee they love the soaring optimism but now as President he seem more subdued and tentative and doesn’t own up to his responsibilities .

“I think he was more presidential when he was running for office than he is now,” said Paul Johnson, 58, a student legal services lawyer at Iowa State University. “He seems more subdued, which is probably a result of having to actually deal with the issues on his plate as opposed to just rallying the troops to vote for him.”

Obama want their first choice that was former Senator John Edwards, Senator (now Vice President) Joe Biden,  and third was Hillary Clinton. When Obama won the nomination they enthusiastic supported him. They say his doing a good job, but the believe he need to be more forceful in actions.

“It’s overdue for him to actually take charge here,” said Ms. Johnson, 57, a social worker in the town of Nevada.

Candi Schmieder, 40 is another Obama supporter. She trusted the president but thinks the vote if it happened today thing might be different. In her country the were a tie between Obama and Senator John McCain;  until absentee votes propelled Obama to the win.

Bailouts of banks, car companies, and stimulus and the war in Afghanistan has taken its toll  with the voters but many like the President personally but his approval went from 64% to 53%. So far the verdict is mixed one year later after the historic election.

New York Times

House Health Reform Costs Keep Climbing Now $1.2 Trillion

Remember,last Thursday House Speaker Nancy Pelosi touted the Health Care Reform bill would cost just shy of $90o billion.   The  following day the Congressional Budget Office officially scored the bill at $1.055 trillion.

But now there word that the bill is actually $1.2 trillion according to AP. Sources tell the AP that $200 billion were added, for local and state public health departments; a reinsurance program for seniors to keep premiums from going out of control;  and payment of preventive care.

The add ons to make better access to government programs, and to increase benefits.

The source told the AP of the changes under anonymity and not authorized to  speak.

When asked about the increase health reform bill true cost to $1. 2 trillion. A spokesperson to House Representative Speaker Nancy Pelosi Brendan Daly said the bill provides health insurance to 36 million people currently uninsured but improves health care in the country.

“It will not add one dime to the deficit. In fact, the CBO said last week that it will reduce the deficit both in the first 10 years and in the second 10 years,” Daly said.

Democrats in Congress have been racing against the clock to create health care for all Americans, restrict abuses by doctors and insurance industry and slow the rate of growth of insurance premiums  a goal of President Obama.

“Now, add it all up, and the plan I’m proposing will cost around $900 billion over 10 years,” the president said in a nationally televised speech in early September.

Republicans said  the bill is more likely cost over $1.3 trillion over the next ten years.

“Our goal is to make it as difficult as possible for” Democrats to pass it, House Republican leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, said at a news conference. “We believe it is the wrong prescription.”

Republican prescriptions including would create high risk insurance pools where people based on their condition can receive health care. Where the Democrats would eliminating bans on pre-existing conditions.

Representative Mike Pence(R-Oh) one of the ranking Republicans in House said the Democrats are creating universal health care where the GOP “believe the real issue back home is cost” and their alternative is much better.

AP via Yahoo News