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Some Passengers Faint on Flight to London.

Six Passengers fainted on a trans-Atlantic flight from Newark, NJ to London.  The situation caused an emergency where  police, fire and paramedic crews met the plane at Heathrow International Airport, in London. The crew check for hazardous materials and did not find any.

Paramedics said that the passenger were treated on board the British Airway jet. No one was hospitalized.

The London bound plane arrive at Heathrow at 6A.M. at terminal five and was met with emergency personnel  which was notified of the passengers who fainted on board.

British Airways said the calling of emergency crews was a precaution.

The Boeing 777 had 216 passenger and 14 crew members on board.

AP via Google News

Israel to Make Concessions on Settlements says Clinton.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Israel is willing to make concessions involving the building settlements in areas of the West Bank.

Clinton announcement comes as the Palestinians are demanding that Israel gives up building settlement in the West Bank, Gaza and other disputed lands that Palestinian claim as their own.

Speaking at a joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

What the prime minister has offered in specifics on restraints on a policy of settlements … is unprecedented,” she said.

The settlements has been the sticking point between The Palestinians and Israelis.

“There are always demands made in any negotiation that are not going to be fully realized,” she said.

Previous engagements by Secretary Clinton was more demanding to Israel. Demanding a complete halt to settlement construction. Israel was not willing to capitulate to Palestinian demands.

While Israel has made this concessions. This did not move the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. Abbas want the complete withdraw of Israel out of the region with removal of Israelis settlements.

Abbas spokesman Nabil Abu Rdeneh, responding to Clinton’s comments, said, “There can be no excuse for the continuation of settlements, which is really the main obstacle in the way of any credible peace process.

“Israel is not interested in stopping its settlement activities and the American administration didn’t succeed in convincing the Israeli government to stop these activities,” he said. “There should be a real change in the Israeli position toward this issue in order for the peace process to be restarted.”

At the press conference with Clinton, Netanyahu said Israel is “willing to engage in peace talks immediately without preconditions. Unfortunately the other side is not.”

AP via Yahoo News

Cleveland, OH Man Arrested After Police Discovers the Bodies Six People in His Home

A Cleveland, OH man was captured by Cleveland Police on Saturday afternoon.  The suspect identified as 50 year old Anthony Sowell of Cleveland’s Mt. Pleasant neighborhood on the city’s  southeast side.

Police went to the home Thursday on 12200 block of Imperial Ave to serve Sowell a warrant for felonious assault and rape; and discovered a freshly dug grave  with two bodies that have been decomposing for a while. Sowell was not there.

On Friday afternoon, Cleveland police discovered another grave this time in the basement at 12205  Imperial Ave. The bodies of two women were discovered.

Later Friday evening police found two more bodes on the second floor of the home. The police discovered a second grave in the backyard with a body buried making a total of 6 bodies  found in the home.

A person walked in the city 4th District police station and said a person that fit the description of Sowell was walking on Manor Ave. The police sent patrol officer to arrest the suspect said Cleveland Police Chief Michael Mc Grath.

While arrested Sowell admitted that he was the person of interest while being fingerprinted. The police had task force of 100 officer searching for Sowell.

Cleveland Police said two of the bodies of black women they not yet been identified. The other bodies haven’t been identified either.

The Cuyhoga County coroner’s office is working to establish the gender , race  and age of the deceased and the cause of death.

The police attempted to serve a warrant on Sowell in regard to September 26th assault on a woman. In this case he met a woman and invited her to his home. There she was punched, choke and raped.

Cleveland Police investigated the case and attempted to arrest Sowell on Thursday.

Sowell had served 15 years in prison because of a rape conviction. He is a registered sex offender.

Crimestoppers offered of  reward of $2,000. While the U.S. Marshall had $10,000 reward for the information on Sowell whereabouts.

“He’s at the top of our list,” says Drew Deserto, Assistant Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal. “Our guys are going non-stop now since this case was referred to us.”

“This is the type of guy that this Task Force was created for,” Deserto tells WKYC.

A neighbor of Sowell admitted to picking up the man from his sister’s home  and was taking him home . When they saw the police barricade he had her to let him out of the car. Then Sowell left on foot.

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, express sorrow and remorse fo the victim’s families and  gave kudos to the police in finding Sowell from the tips by the public at large.

“This will help bring justice to the families,” he said. “I was confident the public would help.”

Neighbors wondered about the bodies found in the home.  A relative of Nancy Cobbs a missing woman from the area.

“I just need to know if it’s her,” sobbed Kyana Hunt, Cobbs’ daughter, who said her was missing since April 23rd. Hunt was passing out flyers in the neighborhood.

Another relative of Cobbs, Denise Patton said, “When we heard about something like this so close to him, we kind of figure that’s it. That’s my worst fear.”   “She (Cobbs) only lived one street away and no one has heard from her, and that’s not like her.”

Sowell was livng with is stepmother, aunt and uncle. The home has been in the Sowell family for many years  according to his older brother Allen, 66 ,of Cleveland Heights,OH. Allen Sowell said he had not been in touch with his brother  since Anthony went to prison in 1990.

Anthony Sowell rented the top floor from their stepmother, Segerna Sowell, after leaving prison. Soon afterwards Mrs. Sowell complained of Anthony’s drug use  and  non-payment of rent because he says that he shouldn’t pay rent because father owned the house.

Allen Sowell last seen his stepmother at cookout in 2008. He had talked their stepmother several times after that and said she told him that she was filing papers on Anthony to evict him. That was the last time Allen talk to their step mom. He has tried to contact her. Neighbors said Mrs. Sowell is  living in a nursing home.

Now Allen fears the worst.

“She would be calling me,” he said. “That’s not happening, and that worries me.”

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