Stabbing and Shooting at a Medical Office Building in Boston

This afternoon a patient of Boston psychiatrist was stabbed on Tuesday wounding the doctor. The patient was then was killed by an off duty security guard at Massachusetts General  Psychiatric Center Bipolar Clinic and Research Program.

The victim is identified as Dr. Astrid Desrosiers of Belmont, MA; she was attacked by her patient identified as Jay Carciero, 37, of Reading,MA. The attack happened around 2 P.M.

“While being seen by a physician, (the patient) attacked the physician with a knife and stabbed her. During the course of the incident, an off-duty security officer who was armed interceded,” Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis said.

An off duty security guard told Carciero to drop the weapon.  Caricero did not heed the warning. The security guard shot and killed the assailant.

“Certainly heroic. We are happy he was here,” hospital spokeswoman Bonnie Michaelman said.

Witnesses saw the Dr. Desrosiers taken by gurney out of the building. Arthur Frigault and his wife Karen Heicox were on the 6th floor of the building.

“One (victim) was wheeled out here, and one came out of the foyer. There was a woman and she was all bloody. She was all covered up,” Frigault said.

Desrosiers was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital with stab wounds in her chest and abdomen. She is in stable condition.

The attacker motives were not known at this time.

WCVB-TV/ HD “News Center 5” has the rest of the story.


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