Obama says H1N1 a National Emergency

On Friday, President Barack Obama declared that the H1N1 virus(a/k/a swine flu) an national emergency. By the declaration it allows the health and human services secretary to move emergency rooms to rev up the pace of treatment and to protect the non-infected.

The White House announced on Saturday the declaration the Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius authority to bypass federal laws to allow hospitals open off site facilities to inoculate the public from Swine Flu. The  hospitals and clinics must ask permission to open off site clinics at places such as schools, community centers and senior centers.

46 states have been recorded as the flu as widespread. Only 11 million does have been made available to doctors, clinics, health departments. There is back log of the flu vaccine.

A few hospitals have open drive through clinics to screen and treat patients infected with H1N1 virus.

The process may also relieve hospitals and clinics for ask for extensive  background information of patients to speed up doctor and medical professional ability to treat people.

The declaration allows hospitals to seen reimbursement from Federal Government. Federal law state if a hospital set a temporary facility it must be no more than 300 feet from a hospital entrance or no reimbursement . With the declaration hospital will be paid for off site facilities.


AP Via Yahoo News


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