Minneapolis Bound Plane Miss the Runway by 120 Miles

A San Diego to Minneapolis bound jet miss the runway by oh I don’t know by 120 miles. A Northwest Airlines flight 188 got off track  in Eau Claire Wisconsin with a military jet escort  sent back to Minneapolis and Federal Aviation Administration Police waiting the Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport.

The pilots said the were engaged in spirited conversation about airline policy and miss the twin cities. In addition when landing FAA Police had guns drawn. The flight crew told passenger to sit down. Then the flight crew  left the plane to be  interviewed by the FAA.

FAA officials has military jets on standby after the Flight 188 didn’t respond to FAA commands and out or radio communications for more that 75 minutes.

“When you hear that fighter jets were ready to scramble, that just gets you really mad,” said passenger Scott Kennedy.

Some passengers thought the flight seem to drag on and on and the pilots updates were not given, and the flight attendant “unusual comment”  make some sense. When a passenger asked a flight attendant a when will the plane land and the attendant answered ten minutes later,”‘I have no idea when we’re going to get to the terminal,'” he said.

The flight crew announced they were landing soon but nothing happened    said Anne Kroshus of Woodbury. “It was bizarre,” she said. “It certainly didn’t feel like we were circling.”

Minneapolis Star-Tribune


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