Hawai’i to Cut the School Year Due to Budget Cuts

The recession has let the Hawai’i Department of Education to cut the school year down by 17 days. This is a result of a brand new contract by Union leaders which closes schools on Fridays.

Many school have made laid off teachers and reduced pay and planning days. So now Hawaii’s 180,000 will have attend 163 day of teaching versus 180 which is the standard.

This comes on at a time that President Obana  wants to increase the school year by add time by expanding the school day by a couple of hours and open on the weekend to give kids a save place to go.

He declared recently that “the challenges of a new century demand more time in the classroom.”

Parents are now scrambling to arrangement for day care, babysitters and they are not happy campers.  Parents of Special Needs students are considering suing say this affects the poor and ethnic communities in the state.

“It’s just not enough time for the kids to learn,” said Valerie Sonoda, president of the Hawaii State Parent Teacher Student Association. “I’m getting hundreds of calls and e-mails. They all have the same underlying concern, and that is the educational hours of the kids.”

In the contract along with teaching days cut. Teach will take an salary cut of 8%. They won’t lose any benefits including

Reuters has more.


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