Chicago Non-Union Workers and Managers Maybe Laid Off

Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley has announced that 3600 non-union managerial posts will take an unprecedented 24 consecutive days to reduce a portion of $500 million budget deficit.

Starting in January these non-unionized city employees will off work until the 4th day  in February not only that they will not paid. This will be  equivalent to $ 114 million in savings and an 9 % percent pay cut. Chicago city hall will also eliminate 220 jobs  that was not filled. The city will cut expenses such as travel and supplies which will reduce the budget by an additional by $20 million.

Top city leaders and personnel including Mayor Daley himself will be hit. This is the equivalent to losing  $8,100 per month.

What’s incredible that not only that these  city worker are off on holiday season in late December to early January will have the extra days. There is a question of operational control.

“You won’t have enough people on the management side of the ledger making sure that people, like I say, show up on time, do their job, are held accountable,” said Ralph Martire, executive director of the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability.

“For any business to function, for any service to be provided well, whether in the public sector or the private sector, you need adequate number of managers or administrators to go along with the front-line workers.”



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