Judges in New York State has Put a Halt to Manditory Flu Shots for Medical Professionals

A New York state supreme court judge has stopped the mandatory flu vaccination for medical industry in that state.  The judge has a restraining order to stop the law that the state health department has implemented.

The order came as a result as the Public Employee Federation sued  to stop the enforcement of the regulation who would fine or ever terminate medical workers if the were vaccinated against H1N1(Swine Flu) Virus. The judge ruled that New York State Health Commissioner Richard Daines over step his bounds.

There were three plaintiffs involved including New York State United Teachers, an attorney for representing four nurses from Albany as well the Public Employees union opposed the mandatory regulation. The vaccination will now be voluntary for  Medical Assistants,  Nurses and Doctors.

The health department give workers till November 30 to comply with the regulation or face disciplinary action including termination.

Public Employee spokesperson Debbie Mies says a court hearing on the case is scheduled For October 30th.

One woman Paula Small protested the forced vaccinations

“I don’t even tend to the sick. I am in the nutrition field. They are telling me I must get the shot because I work in a health clinic setting,” said Paula Small, a Women, Infants and Children health care worker.

Small recalls the 1976 vaccination which was untested which led to some deaths.

There also protest by hundreds  in at the state capitol in Albany against mandatory vaccinations. The say are constantly washing their hands most say don’t come in contact with the general public.
“It’s certainly their prerogative to voice their opinion,” said Dr. Susan Donelan of Stony Brook University Hospital.

Most workers understand the benefits,safety and the need for flu shots.

“Our hospital is committed to following the mandate to have our personnel vaccinated,” she said.

WCBS-TV “CBS 2 NEWS” has more.


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