Obama Get Health Care Victory Senate Finance bill

Lone Wolf Republican Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine gave Senators Max Baucus,  Majority Harry Reid and President Obama a major victory as the Senate Finance Committee Health Care Bill on Tuesday. By a vote of 14-9 the Baucus bill would cost over 10 years $830 billion and will not cover 29 million people.

Senator Snowe was reluctantly supportive of the bill only to get it( the bill) out if committee and  on to the senator floor. She said, “I can’t vote for a public option.” after the vote.

President Obama was greatful to the committee, “We have a lot of difficult work ahead of us. There’s still significant details and disagreements to be worked out over the next several weeks,” Obama said. “We are now closer than ever before to passing health care, but we’re not there yet — now’s not the time to pat ourselves on the back.”

The bill needs to be reconciled with a bill passed by the Senate Health Committee this past summer  to then be voted by the whole Senate. The Senate bill needs to combined with the House bills some contain a public option like HR3200.

Speaking about a public option liberal Democrats Senator Bill Nelson,(D-Fl) says the public option is needed before it will pass.

“When we get to the floor, we’re going to try to get that public option,” he said, urging “patience” among supporters. “The Majority Leader Harry Reid’s going to have to be Houdini. He’s going to have to cobble the votes together.”

Republican Senator Orrin Hatch(R-Ut) opposes the senate finance bill because its expensive.

“It’s going to cost us an arm and a leg.The costs of this are astronomical”

The bill provide limits on co-pays, federal subsidiaries to help low income families to buy health insurance. The bill would charge those who do not buy insurance fine up to $1900 or jail. Health Care reform will be paid for by taxes on health insurance policies  and cut to medicare.

Fox News has more.


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