White House Declares War on Fox News

Well the truth has come out: The Obama Administration has decide to go public on it’s war on FOX News. Over a month ago the White House gives  an interview to five broadcast networks except Fox News on Health Care. Then about a week ago White House Advisor Dave Axelrod read the riot act over dinner with Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes. It didn’t faze Ailes nor did it change Fox News reportage.

On Sunday, White House Communication Director Anita Dunn whined to CNN’s Howard Kurtz on his program “Reliable Sources” for nearly 10 minutes on Sunday. Dunn accuses the Media company as an arm of the Republican Party.

Dunn says the President may go on Fox News later this year. She lied. A representative of her office say the president won’t be on Fox News for the rest of the year.

Fox News has fired back across its various programs including the Glenn Beck Show, Special Report with Bret Baer,  The Fox Report with Shepard Smith, The O’Reilly Factor, etc.

Apparently a thin skinned Obama Administration has decided to pick a fight with Fox News because it wound bend over for the administration. What’s worse Fox News Channel has the largest audience in cable television. You Obama makes Richard Nixon’s white house seem like a Sunday School class.

Very petty, immature, what a disgrace. George Bush , nor his father or Ronald Reagan would treat the New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, NBC,CBS  and CNN this disgracefully. Pathetic.

Legendary humorist, author and playright Mark Twain once said Never pick a fight with a people who buys ink by the barrel. Apparently Anita Dunn never learned that in school.

Hat Tip Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit


Fox News


One response to “White House Declares War on Fox News

  1. Well if I was Obama I would not go on a network that is actively campaigning against my administration. Picking public fights with them is stupid though, just gives them more ammo.

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