Black Republicans Believe 2010 is Their Time to Shine

A handful of African Americans are running For the US House of Representative and Senate for the 2010 election campaign. Many of them wanted to run not only they like serve the country. Aurora Colorado,  a tow term 5 year member  City Councilman is who running in the Republican Primary for US senate. A retired US Army Colonel Allen West is running for Congress  Representing Florida 22 district in Broward County  against Rep.Ron Klein (D-Fl)

These men feel it their time has come Remarks by former President Jimmy Carter who said opposition to President Obama programs were racist may have inadvertently helped Col. West

“Since (Democrats) have thrown out the race card, it has made me more appealing,” says West, one of a small but determined group of black Republicans running for seats in the U.S. Senate or House of Representatives in 2010.

A lot of people who don’t want to be part of Obama’s policies are being called racist,” West said. “Then they say, ‘Hey, this guy, Colonel West — he’s black and I support him.'”

In Texas state Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams is using former Carter remarks to run to replace Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson as she runs for Governor of Texas.

“One of the things it allows me to do, “it allows me to speak very, very frankly about what I believe, and what I feel, and nobody is going to call me a racist. ” Williams said.

“They may try and call me a sell-out … but I’ve been doing this for 11 years and that certainly doesn’t bother me anymore.”

Hey I thank that’s great why not I think they shot as anybody else.

Fox has more.


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