Senators are Ready to Bring Health Care Reform to a Vote

Democrats in the Senate are ready bring Health Care Reform for a vote this week. The Senate Finance Committee approved the Democrats plans last week.

Once the vote takes place. Bills in the House and Senate bills must be reconciled and then voted on.

Senate Democratic leaders are hopeful the legislation will pass. Senior Democrats said they were increasingly confident that a bill would pass this year. “I am Scandinavian, and we don’t like to overstate anything,” said Senator Kent Conrad, Democrat of North Dakota and an architect of the Finance Committee bill. “But I have a solid feeling about the direction of events.”

President Obama in his weekly radio address point out health care reform will help small business create and grow jobs.

Mr. Obama called the overhaul “a critical step in rebuilding our economy” and said he was working with his economic advisers “to explore additional options to promote job creation.”

Democrats say the votes to beat back a filibuster by the Republicans.

New York Times has the rest of the Story.


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