An Ugly weekend in Afghanistan: Ten Soliders killed

Ten soldiers were killed in two separate attack in Eastern Afghanistan. The most recent attack eight soldiers died when Taliban rebels launch an assault against the NATO / US alliance.  Days earlier Afghani Police officer who was training with the US  turned against them  by killing two American soldiers and injuring three.

It is not clear if policeman worked for the Taliban or just went rogue.

Last week, General Stanley Mc Chrystal the US general leading the campaign in Afghanistan has ask for additional troops after several attack saying Were in danger of losing in Afghanistan.  And he met President Obama only twice first in April and then this past  Friday(October 2) evening for only 30 minutes when Obama was winging has way back to DC after making a pitch a for the 2016 Olympics in Chicago.

President Obama said this is a way worth fighting for. But the numbers of soliders dying now over 400 and climbing with growing calls to end the war Obama need to make a decision soon on Gen. Mc Chrystal’s troop request face some dire consequences.

The Sunday Times of London


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