South Pacific Rocked:8.3 Earthquake hits Samoas Followed Massive Tsunami

Early Tuesday American Samoa and Western Samoa were shooked by a powerful 8.3 earthquake temblor which has 14 people in American Samoa and 5 people in Samoa. The tsunami that hit afterward destroyed whole villages on the various islands. There were unconfirmed sighting of waves as high as 15 feet.

Since then the tsunami warnings for Hawai’i  and the mainland US has been canceled. “As of right now, everybody is up in the high mountain ranges,” said Senetenari Malele, announcer for local radio station Showers of Blessings.

There has been devastation in Samoa with houses  destroyed “I can confirm there is damage, I can confirm there are deaths and I can confirm there are casualties,” a Western Samoa police spokeswoman said. “I cannot say any more at the moment.”

A journalist to AFP that the hardest hit region is the south and west coast of Samoa. Residents of the  Samoan capitol of Apia was evacuated to mountains nearby for their safety.

In American Samoa, cars was washed away. There are possibly thousands left homeless in both Samoa and American Samoa.

Samoan journalist Jona Tuiletufuga told  AFP “We are getting reports of missing people in areas were damage is extensive on the south and southeast coasts,” he told AFP.

“Entire villages have been wiped out.”  There are 70 villages in with residential populations between 300-800 people.


Yahoo News


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