NBA Star and Talk Show host John Salley Wonders Does White People Hate President Obama

NBA star, talk show host John Salley wonders if all of America white community has it out for President Barack Obama. Salley was on Adams Carolla’s radio program earlier last week when he asked Carolla does he hate Obama. Carolla said,”No”. Then he asked after 266 days after being election Why the hate Obama. Carolla said “Who” Salley said, “All the White People.”

This comes on the heels of statement by Former presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, former Vice President Walter Mondale, Governor Patterson of New York State and others.

I wrote over a year ago that American will be call racist  if they don’t agree with the President-elect. I was right. Politicians, celebrities,  are saying people who opposed the president is Racists.  My community the black community are using specious arguments against those who criticism from outside the black community.

Playing the race care is a canard. President Obama policies is the problem, Owning car companies Chrysler and General Motors, The stimulus package that promised keep unemployment in check at 8 plus percent. It now at a breath taking record breaking 9.7% nearly 3 million people out of work. Promise that the program would create job but there no proof.( In fact the President use the ambiguous phrase of save or created a million jobs there is no proof of such.) Promise of putting the stimulus on the White House before he sign the bill into law.

Next up the omnibus spending bill which cause billions more. Cap and Trade which causes American energy bills to soar by $1765 for every man, woman and child in the country.  The president quadruple the  national debit in 2009. Then there HR 3200 and it’s sister bill in the US Senate (which has not been voted on) which takes over the Health Care  industry.

Obama did the politically expendable thing and move to the center  after winning the nomination. Most people except conservatives know what policies would be. Fox News hosts Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck  along with radio talk show host Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham  an others know about The president’s past and his left wing tendencies. The so-called “Main Stream Media” did not do long exposes` on Obama’s politics and his up-bringing like they did with George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, Bob Dole, and other candidates and nominees in past election cycles. The Media gave Obama a free pass. Many people did not know of Obama predilections until after the election. Now people who gave the president the benefit of the doubt don’t like the direction Obama is taking the country.

I could blame all of the white people that I have known of the last 37 years of my life from first grade teacher in St Lucy Elementary School to the church I attended Orange Avenue Baptist Church and my friends, schoolmates and co-workers From JC Penney to today for all my failings. But I can’t. Why you asked because It is my fault. I let fear  and anxiety to dominate me and control my mind and my life. I am trying to break it. Its not easy.  But its something I need to do.

I got news for the Black community you and President you NEED white folks. White folks vote regularly compared to Black, Latino and Asians. White folks provide the finances for election campaigns. There more white that there are black and other minorities and the can decide the will vote against you.

I’ve got a secret for you Black community not ever body is going to like you. Read the Bible the Pharisees and Sadducee in the in Sanhedrin did like  Jesus when he taught and healed and befriended people who they thought Jesus should not do.

By the way, President Obama got it  in a recent interview he stated that opposition to his policies and the direction the nation is going not the color of his skin.  Sadly, many in the Black community don’t get like the President. That’s a crying shame.

Gateway Pundit via

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