Iran Shows It Military Muscle: It Fired Test Short Range

Iran doesn’t miss a beat do they just days after the west pre-empts a the announcement that They are building a second nuclear plant in the town of Qom in western Iran. Now Iran has just launched missiles that are capable of hitting Israel.

According to English language media The Press said The Iranian Revolutionary Guard launched  series of missiles including Fateh-110, Tondar-69 and the Zelzal during military exercises. The missiles were short range surface-to-surface missiles.

Gen. Hossein Salami, The leader of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, said Iran launched the missiles via a multiple missiles launching system . During a press conference on Sunday.

“The message of the war game for some arrogant countries which intend to intimidate is that we are able to give a proper, strong answer to their hostility quickly,” the web sit e of Iranian state television quoted Salami as saying. He the said the missiles hit their targets successfully.

The general also said The revolutionary guard will launch middle range Shahab-1 or Shahab-2 missiles as well. On Monday, Shahab-3  long range rockets on Monday.

Iran has said It will allow the international community(the IAEA) to visit the second nuke plant a Qom but has not set a date.

AP via My Way News


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