Friends with Enemies, Making Enemies with Friend: Obama Disses Gordon Brown

What’s Barack Obama’s beef with the British. I mean giving back a bust of Sir Winston Churchill. Giving her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of IPod of President Obama’s s speeches.(Wonderful Mr. President love the sound of your voice much) Now, the president has done it again. Obama has snub the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Not only the president snub him once,  twice, trice but five times (count’em 5 times).

According to The Guardian, Prime Minister Brown wanted bilateral talks during this week between the the US and UK either at UN today in New York or G-20 summit in Pittsburgh, PA. Brown the embattled  leader in UK is facing  election in 2010, there has been speculation resigning early due to health issues .

In addition, Brown help facilitate the release of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, The Lockerbie, Scottland Bomber of Pan Am 103 in 1988.This brought condemnation  by the US and families that lost loved ones.

Officials at Number 10 Downing the Prime Ministers office denied that The Prime Minister was snubbed. The spokesperson will have plenty of opportunity to discuss on issues between the two when they sit next to each others during the summit.

The Guardian has much more including the UK Attorney general was fined 5,000 pound sterling for hiring an illegal immigrant.  This has led to The Prime Minister Parliamentary Aide to resign in disgust.


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