Congressman Who Yelled “You Lie” to President Obama is Admonished

US Representative Joe Wilson(D-SC) who shouted at the President Barack Obama last week “You Lie” was rebuked by a divided congress on Tuesday. The vote by led by Representative James Clybourn (D-SC) by 240-179.  Republican House Minority Leader, John Boehner called it a waste of taxpayer’s money.

We’re here on some witch hunt, some partisan stunt that the American people are not going to respect, said Boehner.

But House Majority Leader, Steny Hoyer(D-MD) who co-sponsored the bill with Rep. Clybourn, says this has to do with decorum and rules.

“The resolution is not about the substance of an issue but about the conduct we expect of one another in the course of doing our business,” said Hoyer.

I don’t what it is with Democrats. They may lose it all a year from now.

Yahoo News


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