Feds are Concerned About Report of Stimulus Fraud

The US Federal Government is concerned about report of stimulus fraud. Earl Devaney,chairman of the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board is investigating  stories of fraud  involving stimulus funds.

Devaney says he has “forwarded more than 100 matters to various IGs (inspector generals to ensure heightened scrutiny of specific procurements that board staff has identified as potentially problematic.”

“We’ve got about nine cases in various U.S. attorneys offices,” he added. “I know from talking to them that they’re very interested in sending some very loud signals early.”

The Federal Trade Commission has shut down websites that promise the help people with stimulus funds including pay consumers bills  and give money for, “leisure travel,” said Jon Liebowitz chairman of the FTC in testimony in Congress last week.

“The commission is committed to using its law enforcement authority aggressively to bring these schemes to a halt, and to continue deploying public alerts and educational materials,” Leibowitz said. While the FTC cannot prosecute the huckster and scam artist they refer the cases to various state attorney general.

Reuters has more


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