Acorn Newest Scandal: Giving advise in Breaking The Law.

An Undercover sting by two journalism students broke a story about ACORN’s  Baltimore office. The pair portray two a couple who wanted to start prostitution service. And the two ACORN work seem happy to oblige. They as for advise  on getting funds to buy a house, avoid taxes, claim dependents. Neither of the women advises what they are doing is illegal. But play a game of ‘See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil,” by giving the young man and you woman information to protect them and to get what they want.

The News broke on Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government web site. At first ACORN had no comment. Latter Thursday, ACORN fired the two women for breaking the rules.

“Criminal facilitation occurs whenever a person encourages, enables, entices, or explains to another how to commit crimes with the real purpose of helping that person to commit those crimes” — a violation the ACORN employee “committed in full,” a Spokesperson told FOX News in a statement.

Also a statement by ACORN accuses the young man and young woman of gotcha journalism.

US Attorney Janet Napolitano released a statement that may have been crimes perpetrated by ACORN:

Napolitano outlined eight crimes the ACORN worker could potentially have committed that could bring a total sentence of 24 years in prison, including criminal facilitation and conspiracy to:

• (a) commit prostitution

• (b) operate a prostitution ring

• (c) file false documents with taxing and other government authorities

• (d) file false documents with a bank [also known as bank fraud]

• (e) violate numerous immigration laws

• (f) transport children into the U.S. for immoral purposes

• (g) transport women into the U.S. for immoral purposes [also known as violating the Mann Act]

• (h) impair the welfare of minors.

Critics believe an actual crime must have been committed with actual transactions.

Defense Attorney Lee Armstrong doubts that crime took place.Armstrong  said the workers availed themselves in “repulsive … disgusting behavior,” but nothing illegal occurred because the entire scenario was a sham.“For aiding and abetting tax evasion, for aiding and abetting child prostitution … you need the actual crime,” said Armstrong, an attorney for Jones Day in New York.

“That’s what’s missing here.”“You need an actual agreement between two people to commit a crime. If one person is just faking it, you don’t have a meeting of the minds, you don’t have a conspiracy,” Armstrong told FOX News. “How do you clap with one hand?”

“Conspiracy requires an agreement to do something unlawful and an act in furtherance,” said Mark Eiglarsh, a New York-based attorney. “There’s an agreement to assist in creating the brothel, in tax evasion, a number of other offenses.

Big Government by Andrew Brietbart

FOX News


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