Good Time Charlie Rangel Cries Racism, It’s Time to Say Goodbye,Charlie

This is a broken record. For the third week in the row an African-American Pol has cried racism to their peril. Charlie Rangel, The Chairman of the House Ways and Means committee has used the race card at a health care in his district in New York.  Rangel says it race that’s behind the opposition to President Obama health care program.

“Some Americans have not gotten over the fact that Obama is President of the United States. They go to sleep wondering, ‘how did this happen?'” said Rangel.

Rangel see the fight over health care similar to the civil rights movement.

“Why do black people have to bargain for what is theirs? Why do we have to wait for the right to vote? Why can’t we get what God has given us? And that is the right to live as human beings and not negotiate with white southerners and not court the votes. Just do the right thing,” Rangel said.

This comes on the heels of the revelations   the Congressman misreported his income  via  amended tax  forms. This has lead to the Washington Post  calling for his resignation. The Washington Post says: “Much is expected of elected officials. Much more is expected and demanded of those entrusted with chairmanships and the power that comes with them, especially when it involves the nation’s purse strings. From all that we’ve seen thus far, Mr. Rangel has violated that trust continually and seemingly without care.”

Some of his constituents thinks its time for Rangel to go.  Jacob Israel of Harlem  agrees,  “He’s not the only one. They’re all stealing. It’s just that they want to get him out because he has too much influence. He’s been there too long. Every last one of them is stealing.”

Another resident, Jerry Watson  adds, “He should step aside because who knows what else he’s doing that we don’t know about.

Meanwhile , local politicians are speaking out. New York  City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is waiting for the facts to come out. “Charlie has been very helpful to this city in terms of doing things that we’ve asked him to do, bringing home the bacon if you will and I hope that he’s done nothing wrong,” Bloomberg said.

Mayorial candidate and City Councilman Tony Avella said in a statement.”It was also mar his effectiveness in representing Harlem in Congress. He should not stand for re-election.”

Is this what we got look forward for next three years essentially “White folks are out to get us ” instead of say our opponents are wrong. Or in Charlie instances because  failing to report income to the IRS .  I mean he writes tax policies and he does not follow the rules. Basically, do as  I say  not as I do . Charlie  take  your self down to the Dominican Republic and don’t come back Or look forward to a different home in Sing Sing Prison in Upstate New York.



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